Why UX is becoming a thing

Nov 5, 2015

The web has evolved exponentially since the ugly pages of the 90s. A website at a time, companies and designers figured out that hey, I can do this differently. Let’s try. We did try a lot, we still do. UX has not come into any final stage. Nor will it ever. It is a craft that will keep evolving. And this is pretty damn awesome.

Users are becoming more intuitive.Internet has become part of our lives in such an extent, that one way or another, sometime somehow, you will have to use it at least once per day. Be it a transaction, seeking information, stalk your soulmate or just listen to music. And users are becoming more intuitive to it. Of course there are demographics of older people who are less competent than a today’s 20 year old, but even in those ages people are getting the hang of it.

As human beings we are always trying to recognise patterns. Our brains work just like that. So remember some people complaining that all websites now look the same? Well… is it too bad? Not for my uncle John Doe.

2 major disruptions

Mobile is the new norm
Okay so this premise is fairly simple. In my opinion mobile is one of the strongest factors of UX becoming a thing. In order to differentiate apps from a plain website, or to give to a user something more, designers really pushed the boundaries of UX in the field. And after a lot of research and thinking the UX of apps became sophisticated in a great level. Then it was only natural to try something that works on websites too.

Content is king
Before this bloated term drive you away give me one minute here to explain myself. UX is the simple and sophisticated representation of content. And content is on the basis of UX. This is a simple formula that leads us to a fine result. Great design is transparent.

A successful interaction leaves you with a great experience of a service, app or website. Your thoughts afterwards can be “wow, that was a great UX design right there”, but the immediate connections should always be the subject; the reason you are using this service, app, or website right now.

Human Computer Interaction is getting more intricate

A great website with one-page scroll storytelling. An app with beautiful microinteractions that gamify your experience. A minimal form that does not even require you to click. Gestures and hotkeys that boost your experience with a service.

UX is disruptive
Well not the craft itself, but people who dare. A quick example is how software slowly revolutionises the car industry. Tesla being a pioneer in that, we observe that there is still so much room for improvement. Data is penetrating every aspect of our lives, and so UX is needed to keep frustration away (or too close).

Data shows us the way
– 88% of consumers go away after a bad experience
– 9 out of 10 customers say personalisation has some impact on their purchasing decision
– 94% of first impressions are design related.
– Flash becomes obsolete (bye bye ugly banners)

Why is it a good thing?

Of course there are bad aspects to this popularity boost, however it is only natural to be part of a craft that is evolving. And with more people getting their mindset UX-wise, we expect to gain more educated knowledge on the craft. If you know what you are doing, you should be able to identify bad from good examples and filter your information flow.

  • Websites and apps that make sense.
  • More innovations in the field
  • Everyone is a designer (Digital Telepathy might be onto something around here)